Workshops & Kids Camp


The Summer Camp Music Festival is proud to offer a variety of musician workshops at the Three Sisters Park Church and community activism workshops in our “Make A Difference” area. Stay tuned for more info on workshops and activities at this year’s Summer Camp Music Festival!

Kids Camp

A positive place for all the Summer Camp kids to get together! Join the fun with all sorts of games and activities like jewelry making, face painting, water fun, arts and crafts, hair wraps, and as much creativity as we could pack into a single weekend! Past activities have included 56 Hope Road with music from Mr. Dave, an amazing drum workshop with Greg, Dean Franzen the awesome juggler, Ruthee the balloon artist from The Unique Twist, and water wars from Fun-on-the-Run!

So c’mon by and make some music, paint your face, juggle some water balloons and have a blast!