The Billy King Band

International Blues Challenge Contestant

Chicago born Billy King grew up in an environment where modern blues was evolving. A time when rural blues styles of the Mississippi Delta were being shaped by the influences of electric instruments and rock and roll. A product of this multifaceted blues environment, Billy’s raw edged style can best be described as a synthesis of traditional, acoustic and electric blues, influenced by the experience of growing up on the mean streets of Chicago’s South Side. As a long time sideman, Billy has now established himself as a gifted songwriter and front man, at his finest when performing his own quick-witted originals, punctuated by his dynamic guitar style. Drummer and percussionist, Grant Niebergall throws down his fine tuned pistol shot snare like no other, giving the band a pulsating blue heart beat. And Ron “Spin Daddy” Regnas, turns up the heat with his years of playing, mastering the bass to a driving blues sound.